Modeling and Control in Task-Space of a Mobile Manipulator with Cancellation of Factory-Installed Proportional–Derivative Control

Gastón H. Salazar-Silva, Marco A. Moreno-Armendáriz, Jaime Álvarez Gallegos


A mobile manipulator is a robotic arm mounted on a mobile robot; a particular example is a manipulator arm on a mobile robot with differential traction. Mobile manipulators have many advantages over stationary manipulator, such as a larger work space than a stationary manipulator could have in practice. This paper shows a systematic approach to modeling mobile manipulators that transforms the problem to the modeling of a stationary manipulator with non-holonomic kinematic constraints on the joints. It is also presented a task-space control that cancels a factory-installed proportional–derivative (PD) control and it uses an estimate of the derivative of the posture kinematic model. Finally, a numerical experiment is presented using this method.


Robot control, mobile manipulators, robots kinematics.

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