Design of a General Purpose 8-bit RISC Processor for Computer Architecture Learning

Antonio Hernandez Zavala, Oscar Camacho Nieto, Jorge Adalberto Huerta Ruelas, Arodí Rafael Carvallo Dominguez


Computers are becoming indispensable for manipulating most everyday consumer products, ranging from communications and domestic electronics to industrial processes monitoring and control. High performance computer design is not only subject to the technology used for its implementation, it is also a matter of efficient training. The skills that must prevail in a good computer designer come from the type of courses taken and the tools employed during them. This work shows the design of an 8-bit RISC soft-core processor dedicated for a complete understanding of computer architecture. We consider this Processor an effective hands-on training solution for the comprehension of a computer from its lowest level up to testing.


Computer architecture, digital design, digital logic, microprocessor, programmable logic devices, training system.

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