Wind Flow Analysis of Twisted Savonius Micro-Turbine Array

JESÚS ANTONIO ÁLVAREZ-CEDILLO, Mauricio Olguín-Carbajal, JUAN CARLOS HERRERA-LOZADA, Ramón Silva-Ortigoza, Jacobo Sandoval-Gutiérrez


This paper provides a computational analysis of wind impact on different geometric configurations of Savonius turbines proposed and previously studied in specialized literature. As a result of comparative analysis of turbines, we performed a flow analysis over a micro-turbine array, proposed a twisted Savonius turbine respecting its original profile, and subjected it to a comparative analysis of its performance against conventional turbines. Our new proposal of Savonius turbines stands out due to its lower residual turbulence. The turbine dimensions are suited to the geometric relationships previously analyzed, and they are suggested in a way to respect the original profile of each turbine. The size of each turbine is small since its application is proposed for power generation in a low power array which can be placed on any building as part of its outer walls.



. Wind energy, Savonius turbine, low-power turbines, aerodynamics, fluid analysis

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