Output regulation and consensus of a class of multi-agent systems under switching communication topologies

Alejandro Cervantes Herrera, Javier Ruiz León, Carlos López Limón, Antonio Ramírez Treviño


This paper presents the design of a distributedcontrol law for the output regulation and output consensusof a set of N agents. In this approach, each agentdynamics is represented by a switched linear system.The representation of the agents is neither constrainedto be the same nor to have the same state dimension,and communication among agents is considered to beswitching. It is also considered that some agents getthe reference to be followed from the output of a virtualagent, and every agent gets the output information of itsneighbors. Using this information, every agent computesthe exosystem state to solve its individual regulationproblem. The approach herein proposed employs a localswitched stabilizing feedback for each agent based ona common Lyapunov function. A numerical example isprovided in order to illustrate the proposed control law.


Distributed control, multi-agents, switched linear systems, regulation.

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