Simulating and Visualizing Real-Time Crowds on GPU Clusters

Benjamin Hernandez, Hugo Perez, Isaac Rudomin, Sergio Ruiz, Oriam DeGyves, Leonel Toledo


We present a set of algorithms for simulating and visualizing real-time crowds in GPU (Graphics Processing Units) clusters. First we will present crowd simulation and rendering techniques that take advantage of single GPU machines, then using as an example a wandering crowd behavior simulation algorithm, we explain how this kind of algorithms can be extended for their use in GPU cluster environments. We also present a visualization architecture that renders the simulation results using detailed 3D virtual characters. This architecture is adaptable in order to support the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) infrastructure. Results show that our algorithms are scalable in different hardware platforms including embedded systems, desktop GPUs and GPU clusters, in particular, the BSC's Minotauro cluster.


Crowd Simulation, Visualization, HPC, GPU-Clusters, Real-time, Embedded Systems.

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