Observability and Observer Design for Continuous-Time Perturbed Switched Linear Systems under Unknown Switchings

David Gomez, Antonio Ramírez, Stefano Di Gennaro, Carlos Renato Vázquez


In this work we address the observability andobserver design problem for perturbed switched linearsystems (SLS) subject to an unknown switching signal,where the continuous state and the evolving linearsystem (LS) are estimated from the continuous outputin spite of the unknown disturbance. The proposedobserver is composed of a collection of finite-time observers,one for each LS composing the SLS. Based onthe observability results hereinafter derived and in theobserver’s output estimation error, the evolving LS andits continuous state are inferred. Illustrative examplesare presented in detail.


Switched systems, observability, finite time observers.

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