A Rule-Based Meronymy Extraction Module for Portuguese

Ilia Markov, Nuno Mamede, Jorge Baptista


In this article, we improve the extraction of semantic relations between textual elements as it is currently performed by STRING, a hybrid statistical and rulebased Natural Language Processing (NLP) chain for Portuguese, by targeting whole-part relations (meronymy), that is, a semantic relation between an entity that is perceived as a constituent part of another entity, or a member of a set. In this case, we focus on the type of meronymy involving human entities and body-part nouns (Nbp) (e.g., O Pedro partiu uma perna `Pedro broke a leg': WHOLE-PART(Pedro,perna) 'WHOLE-PART(Pedro,leg)'). In order to extract this type of whole-part relations, a rule-based meronymy extraction module has been built and integrated in the grammar of the STRING system. The module was evaluated with promising results.


whole-part relation, meronymy, body-part noun, disease noun, Portuguese

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