ALICE Chatbot: Trials and Outputs

Bayan AbuShawar, Eric Atwell


A chatbot is a conversational agent thatinteracts with users using natural language. Multichatbots are available to serve in different domains.However, the knowledge base of chatbots is hand codedin its brain. This paper presents an overview of ALICEchatbot, its AIML format, and our experiments togenerate different prototypes of ALICE automaticallybased on a corpus approach. A description of developedsoftware which converts readable text (corpus) into AIMLformat is presented alongside with describing thedifferent corpora we used. Our trials revealed thepossibility of generating useful prototypes without theneed for sophisticated natural language processing orcomplex machine learning techniques. These prototypeswere used as tools to practice different languages, tovisualize corpus, and to provide answers for questions.


chatbot, ALICE, AIML, corpus, machine learning

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