A finite-time consensus algorithm with simple structure for fixed networks

David Gómez-Gutiérrez, Javier Ruiz-León, Sergej Celikovsky, Juan Diego Sánchez-Torres


In this paper, a continuous-time consensus algorithm with guaranteed finite-time convergence is proposed. Using homogeneity theory, finite-time consensus is proved for fixed topologies. The proposed algorithm is computationally simpler than other reported finite-time consensus algorithms, which is an important feature in scenarios of energy efficient nodes with limited computing resources such as sensor networks. Additionally, the proposed approach is compared on simulations with existing consensus algorithms, namely, the standard asymptotic consensus algorithm and the finite-time and fixed-time convergent algorithms, showing, in cycle graph topology, better robustness features on the convergence with respect to the network growth with less control effort. Indeed, the convergence time of other previously proposed consensus algorithms grows faster as the network grows than the one herein proposed whereas the control effort of the proposed algorithm is lower.


Finite-time consensus, multi-agent systems, multiple interacting autonomous agents, self-organizing systems

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