A 3μW Low-Power CMOS Class-AB Bilateral Current Mirror for Low-Voltage Applications

Victor Hugo Ponce Ponce, Jesús E. Molinar Solís, José Rivera Mejía, Sergio Sandoval, Miguel Rocha Pérez, Alejandro Díaz Sánchez, Humberto Bracamontes del Toro


This paper presents a compact low-power bidirectional current mirror suitable for low-voltage applications. The key element is the use of a CMOS complementary input stage working in subthreshold regime; which allows setting a reduced bias current through the mirror. The circuit was simulated using LTSpice and presents class AB operation with a THD of 1% at 1MHz. The power consumption is close to 3μW as shown by simulations and experimental data from a fabricated prototype using 0.5µm CMOS technology.


Analog integrated circuits; MOS integrated circuits.

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