Challenges of Cyber Law in Mexico

María del Consuelo Argüelles Arellano


In recent years the world has experienced major changes in telecommunications, competition between enterprises, transparency of information, privacy and protection of personal data, information security, new crimes related to computer science, ecommerce, e-government, intellectual property and copyright, domain names, electronic signatures, document certification, consumer protection, access to information , services online. The evolution in this sector has been much higher than in other areas recently. The legal framework and regulations related to information communication technologies, try to adapt to new changes with the speed that this implies. This research encourages and helps to understand the regulatory framework with everything related to informatics sector within Mexico and from the outside, giving a competitive advantage to the academic community and business.


Telecommunications; competition; transparency; privacy; protection; certification; security; e-commerce; e-government; intellectual property; copyright; electronic signatures; consumer protection; domain names; access to information; computer crime.

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