Hugo Jair Escalante, Mario Graff


We have the pleasure to introduce this number of Computación y Sistemas which includes 12 regular papers and 5 special issue articles. On the one hand, regular articles cover a range of computer science subfields, approaching problems in the borders of knowledge, thus advancing the state of the art. On the other hand, special issue papers focus in a very specific topic that is transversal to many areas of computers and systems. In the following we out line the main contrubution of each article. Evolutionary computation is the name given toa variety of techniques that take inspiration in the processes of biological evolution for solving complex problems. Where as the analogy is far from being accurate, results obtained by these techniques are as tounding in a wide variety of domains and applications. In fact, the field of evolutionary computation has been quite active in the last decades. Making critical to keep track of advances and progress on both, fundamental and applied research, in this field. We organized aspecial issue in Computación y Sistemas that aim sat compiling research advances in all aspects of evolutionary computation and other bio-inspired methodologies. The special issue collects high quality research from Mexican researchers mainly. Received articles cover different aspects of evolutionary computation, from applications to basic research. In the following we summarize the contributions in this special issue.

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