Teletraffic Analysis for VoIP Services in WLAN Systems with Handoff Capabilities

Sergio Sánchez-Reyes, Mario E. Rivero-Angeles, Noé Torres-Cruz


In this work, a TDMA-based system is studied for VoIP services with and without mobility. The system is considered to be dedicated for
voice-only services such as a WLAN environment under the PCF mode or a cellular system. In such environments, mobiles usually have mobility. This introduces the need to study the system when a handoff procedure is enabled.

The teletraffic analysis considers call arrivals, call completions, and ON/OFF activity processes for individual VoIP sessions. The VoIP system is simulated in order to verify the accuracy of the analytical results. Since many papers published in the literature consider a fixed number of VoIP users in the system, this analysis
can be useful to estimate the system's performance when the system is in
statistical equilibrium. As an additional feature of this work,
a simple fluid model to calculate the number of active and inactive
users in a VoIP system with and without handoff capabilities is proposed and developed.


Teletraffic analysis; packet delay; packet dropping; Fluid model; VoIP; on/off traffic; active users.

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