Recognition and Classification of Sign Language for Spanish

Griselda Saldaña González, Jorge Cerezo Sánchez, Mario Mauricio Bustillo Díaz, Apolonio Ata Pérez


In this paper it is presented a computationalsystem for recognition and classification of letters ofthe sign language in Spanish, designed for helpingdeaf-mute people to communicate with other persons.A low-cost glove that captures the hand movements hasbeen constructed. This one contains an accelerometerfor each finger which allows detecting its position byusing an acquisition data board. Sensor informationis sent wirelessly to a computer having a softwareinterface, developed in LabVIEW, in which the symbolsdataset is generated. For the automatic recognitionof letters we have applied a statistical treatmentto the dataset obtaining accuracy greater than 96%independently of the user.


Signs language; Machine Learning; Glove;

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