Parsing Arabic Nominal Sentences with Transducers to Annotate Corpora

Nadia Ghezaiel Hammouda, Kais Haddar


Studying Arabic nominal sentences is important to analyze and annotate successfully Arabic corpora. This type of sentences is frequent in Arabic text and speech. Transducers can be used to realize local grammars and treat several linguistic phenomena. In this paper, we propose a parsing approach for Arabic nominal sentences using transducers. To do this, we first study the typology of the Arabic nominal sentence indicating its different forms. Then, we develop a set of lexical and syntactic rules dealing with this type of sentences and respecting the specificity of the Arabic language. After that, we present our parsing approach based on the transducers and on certain principles. In fact, this approach allows the annotation of Arabic nominal sentences but also the Arabic verbal ones. Finally, we present an idea about the implementation and experimentation of our approach in NooJ platform. The obtained results are satisfactory.


Arabic nominal sentence, disambiguation process, topic, transducer, NooJ platform

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