Integrating CALL Systems with Chatbots as Conversational Partners

Bayan Abu Shawar


Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) systems is used as a media to teach a language without the need for a classroom or a teacher. CALL systems include language lessons and exercises to enhance the learners’ vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills, and to provide learners with immediate feedback on their achievements. However, there is still a need to concentrate on practicing conversation where the computer plays the role of a conversational partner. Using language learning environments, dialogue systems, and chatbots will fill full this need. This paper presents CALL activities, CALL role, and limitations. The paper discusses the need to integrate CALL system with a conversational agent or a chatbot to enable learners to practice a language in a conversational manner. Different experiments and evaluations are illustrated in this paper which show an improvement in learning outcomes by using chatbot as a conversational partner. The paper concludes that such integration between CALL and chatbot will lead to better results for language learners.


CALL, chatbot, dialogue system, language learning environment

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