RESyS: Towards a Rule-Based Recommender System based on Semantic Reasoning

Daniel Villanueva, Miguel Lagares, Juan M. Gómez, Israel González


The ability to be available and stay connected always for work or social issues has become a reality and a necessity for today’s Information Society. Harnessing the potential of Semantic Technologies-based reasoning for intelligent redirection of voice calls and recommender systems has been gauged as a promising field to enhance the current voice phone calling experience. Such experience might be fostered by a disruption based on rule-based recommendation and inference leveraging current state of the art technology in smartphone apps or fixed line telecommunications standards to its full potential. In this paper, we present RESyS, a software platform hinging on Semantic Technologies and rule-based recommendations which has been tested both on a research and an industry proof-of-concept business pilot, validating its major goals.


Recommender system, knowledge Ontology, semantic reasoning, voice calls

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