A Formula Embedding Approach to Math Information Retrieval

Amarnath Pathak, Partha Pakray, Alexander Gelbukh


Intricate math formulae, which majorly constitute the content of scientific documents, add to the complexity of scientific document retrieval. Although modifications in conventional indexing and search mechanisms have eased the complexity and exhibited notable performance, the formula embedding approach to scientific document retrieval sounds equally appealing and promising. Formula Embedding Module of the proposed system uses a Bit Position Information Table to transform math formulae, contained inside scientific documents, into binary formulae vectors. Each set bit of a formula vector designates presence of aspecific mathematical entity. Mathematical user query is transformed into query vector, in similar fashion, and the corresponding relevant documents are retrieved. Relevance of a search result is characterized by extent of similarity between the indexed formula vector and the query vector. Promising performance, under moderately constrained situation, substantiates competence of the proposed approach.


Math information retrieval, formula embedding, math formula search, scientific document retrieval, precision

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