A Mobile Cloudlet Assisted Architecture for Handling Multimedia Applications

Rajesh Kumar Verma, Chhabi Rani Panigrahi, Bibudhendu Pati, Joy Lal Sarkar, Abhishek Majumder


Multimedia comprises of different types of data formats from various sources. Handling the task of processing this complex multimedia data is a huge challenge and requires offloading to the cloud. The result is subsequently passed back to the Smart Mobile Device (SMD). This processing activity requires substantial amount of processing power and large network bandwidth of the cloud. As the output display on the SMD needs to be of superior quality, there is a need for having a robust architecture which can run these resource intensive multimedia applications in an efficient manner. This work proposes an architecture which is assisted by the cloud, and helps in processing  the multimedia applications in a fast and efficient manner. Also, the cloudlet assisted architecture has been proposed, wherein a mobile device will select a cloudlet based on the Borda Scores Method (BSM) and based on the request, the selected cloudlet then acknowledges the multimedia sensor nodes and the results are sent back to the respective mobile device.


Cloudlet, mobile device, public cloud, SMD, BSM

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