A Survey on Context-Aware Fog Computing Systems

Hamed Vahdat Nejad, Arezoo Tavakolifar, Chintan Bhatt, Nooshin Hanafi, Nahid Gholizadeh, Reza Khatooni, Hossein Behzadian


Fog computing aims to distribute the storage and processing of data at the network edges to efficiently exploit the capacities of the network. It provides the opportunity to execute interactive and real-time computation-intensive or data-intensive applications. Context-awareness plays an important role in understanding the situation of the environment and acting, accordingly. It has entered fog computing area and several fog-based context-aware systems have been proposed. This survey aims to investigate fog-based context-aware systems. To this end, a framework with the dimensions of domain type and context-awareness is proposed for investigating and classifying the related research. The aim is to technically investigate fog computing, to classify related research, to foster the dissemination of state-of-the-art, and to discuss open research directions in this field.


Fog computing, context-awareness, application domain, survey

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