Metaheuristic Algorithms for Designing Optimal Test Blueprint

Dimple Valayil Paul


A Test Paper Blueprint/Question Paper Blueprint, also known as the table of specifications represents the structure of a test. It has been highly recommended in assessment textbook to carry out the preparation of a test with a test blueprint. The paper focuses on modeling a dynamic test Paper Blueprint using multi-objective optimization algorithm and makes use of the blueprint in dynamic generation of examination test paper. Multi-objective optimization-based models are realistic models for many complex optimization problems. Modeling a dynamic test paper blueprint, similar to many real-life problems, includes solving multiple conflicting objectives satisfying the blueprint specifications. Optimizing a particular candidate blueprint solution with respect to a single objective can result in undesirable results with respect to rest of the objectives. A reasonable solution to the multi-objective blueprint modeling problem is to examine a set of solutions, each of which satisfies the objectives at a satisfactory level without being dominated by any other solution.



Multi-objective optimization, test paper blueprint, meta-heuristic algorithms, bloom's taxonomy

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