A Computational Tool for Detection and Parameters Estimation of Microbubbles Generated with Lasers in Optical Fibers

Gabriela Villegas Sanchez, Antonio Marin Hernandez, Hector H. Cerecedo Nuñez, Homero V. Rios Figueroa, Patricia Padilla Sosa


The wide and spread range of application susing microbubbles, primarily in health and technology, have drawn new ways to create or generate those bubbles. A relative recent way for the generation of thesemicron-sized bubbles is by laser stimulation confined on an optic fiber. Despite of new ways of creation has been developed, the pose and speed estimation is still doneby hand, and only sometimes with the help of some very simple software tools. In this paper is presented the implementation of a computational tool for microbubbles parameters estimation (size and position). Microbubblesare created over a nano particles suspensions, so theuse of microscope images is required. Proposed tool is capable of directly measuring the growth of microbubbles generated by this method. The tool is based on set of common filters and algorithms used on the computervision community. Algorithms and filters used are explained along this paper as well as some preliminary results are showed.


Microbbubles detection and parameters estimation, image processing

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