Prototype of Robotic Hand Controlled by Electromyographic Signals with a Commercial Device

Manuel Arias Montiel, Asis Martínez Miguel, Esther Lugo González, Rosebet Miranda Luna, Ricardo Tapia Herrera


In this work the application of myoelectric commercial armband MYOr to control the motionof a robotic hand is presented. Data acquisition and processing is carried out by MATLABr and the Classification Learner application. The processed data are used to control the servomotor which actuates the prothesis fingers by an Arduinor card. The robotic handis printed in 3D from free code. The experimental results show it is possible to identify hand movements from forearm electromyographic (EMG) signals in order to execute basic movements with the robotic hand.


MYO@ armband, robotic hand, electromyography

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