Knowledge-based Direct Anaphora Resolution for Definitive Pronouns

Jesús Alexander Alvarado Gutiérrez, Alexander Gelbukh, Olga Kolesnikova


The anaphora phenomenon is the presupposition of an element, so this element is not mentioned directly, anaphora is a reference to previous antecedent. Anaphora resolution tries to find the antecedent of a referent, this research is focused in the anaphoric relation between a noun anda pronoun in the Winograd Scheme, the anaphora resolution is essential for many tasks in Natural Language Processing, such automatic translation, automatic summarization, etc. Nowadays there are many different approaches for anaphora resolution and pronoun resolution, this research is based in a knowledge approach with similarity and related nessmeasure. proposing many methods to choose the correct antecedent for a pronoun in anaphoric relation, using stemming, removing determinants, synonyms and hypernyms to get a higher range of match in verb-noun relation.


Definite pronouns, Winograd schemes, anaphora resolution, cosine similarity

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