Adaptation of Models and Processes for Web-based Development

Melquizedec Moo-Medina, Rodrigo Mazún-Cruz, Luis Alberto Muñoz-Ubando


Currently, technology is a challenge which is rapidly changing the Software Develop- ment process, and it is also evolving within the field of Software Engineering itself. In this article, the authors present an adaptation of multiple methodologies and processes in Software Engineering, applied specifically to Web Developments. The Personal Soft- ware Process (originally designed by [5]) was developed for the known third generation languages; however, it has been adapted to our current world in such a way that com- panies are still certified in this process in order to develop software. Throughout twenty-five projects developed using this process combined with (1) Modular Pro- gramming, (2) Model View Controller and (3) Agile Methodologies, an adaptation in the process has been achieved in each development. Additionally, the results presented are not only the adaptation to the application in Web Development, but also the in- corporation and modification of the activities to carry out to guarantee the quality of the process and the finished product.


Software engineering, process innovation, custom software process, controller view model, modular programming

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