IoT Architecture for Monitoring Variables of Interest in Indoor Plants

Gabriel Elías Chanchí G., Manuel Alejandro Ospina A., Wilmar Yesid Campo M.


Based on the need to integrate variables of interest related to the growth of indoor plants and obtain value-added information from them, in this paper we propose as a contribution the design and implementation of an IoT-based software architecture for monitoring, analysis, and visualization of the main variables of interest in indoor plants. The proposed architecture is presented in three views and four layers, taking into account the structure of the lambda architecture. Based on the defined architecture, a prototype system was developed for monitoring and analyzing the variables of interest in indoor plants such as temperature, humidity and luminance, which was evaluated in a particular case study with the Chinese Evergreen plant. The architecture and prototype developed are intended to serve as a reference to be replicated in similar application contexts such as: precision agriculture and environmental variable monitoring scenarios.


IoT architecture, monitoring system, indoor plants

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