Automatic Hate Speech Detection Using CNN Model and Word Embedding

Olumide Ebenezer Ojo, Thang Ta Hoang, Alexander Gelbukh, Hiram Calvo, Grigori Sidorov, Olaronke Oluwayemisi Adebanji


Hatred spreading through the use of language on social media platforms and in online groups is becoming a well-known phenomenon. By comparing two text representations: bag of words (BoW) and pre-trained word embedding using GloVe, we used a binary classification approach to automatically process user contents to detect hate speech. The Naive Bayes Algorithm (NBA), Logistic Regression Model (LRM), Support Vector Machines (SVM), Random Forest Classifier (RFC) and the one-dimensional Convolutional Neural Networks (1D-CNN) are the models proposed. With a weighted macro-F1 score of 0.66 and a 0.90 accuracy, the performance of the 1D-CNN and GloVe embeddings was best among all the models.


Hate speech, GloVe, 1D-CNN

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