Methodology to Develop a Home Energy Management System Architecture

Blanca Nydia Pérez-Camacho, Juan Manuel González-Calleros, Gustavo Rodríguez-Gómez


This paper is concerned in to propose a complete methodological architecture that is used to develop a complete demand system. The general methodology could be subdivided into three modules. The first module is focused on data consumption emulation, in it is implemented Monte Carlo method to generate data behavior of household appliances set over time getting a user profile. The second module is about developing a user interface that lets the user interact with the system, through the interface is possible that the user feeds the system with the features that describe the context. The interface gives feedback to the user with graphical information about consumption and a possible household appliances behavior which decrease the consumption, with that the user could get more conscious about his consumption behavior. In the third module is implemented a metaheuristic that analyzes the data consumption and searches the optimum using an objective function which is obtained from a mathematical model. The mathematical model contemplates how household appliances consume.


Demand system, data simulator, methodology architecture

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