Searching and Updating Research Materials for Renewing Curricula of Academic Disciplines Using Example of Logistics

Pavel P. Makagonov, Sergey A. Maruev, Varvara D. Makagonova, Liliana Chanona-Hernandez


The research covers the preparation and use of academic publications’ materials for the analysis of development dynamics of a narrow subject area’s ontology by searching for new concepts (keywords). This technology should be applied annually to monitor the dynamics of the appearance of new keywords that are not included in the course materials of a higher education institution on a relevant academic discipline. In this research, logistics is chosen as a narrow subject area by the example of which the use of the proposed methodology for the analysis of development dynamics of an academic discipline’s ontology is demonstrated. A more narrowly focused goal associated with this methodology is to search for new concepts in logistics when formulating the theme of upcoming research conducted by a young specialist. Identification of rare keywords that are not presented in course materials of higher education institutions on a relevant subject is a poorly formalized research problem the solution to which does not guarantee success. It is feasible to generate annual life cycle curves for the identified concepts even if they do not change gradually over time because their behaviors can be important for planning future research.


Development dynamics of ontology, narrow subject area, curricula of academic disciplines

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