Data Integration for the Evaluation of Cancer Evolution in Mexico through Data Visualization

Obdulia Pichardo-Lagunas, Bella Martinez-Seis, Fernando de Jesús Basurto-Carrillo, David Fernandez-Flores


Cancer is the third cause of death in Mexico, one of the chronic degenerative diseases that has grown the most throughout the territory. This document describes a system that allows collecting, integrating, and deploying a unified data repository on cancerology in Mexico. Data were obtained from public access sources generated by units specialized in cancer treatment and follow-up. We use data mining techniques for the integration of the data repository. The application developed allows the analysis of the cancer panorama in Mexico. The project involves cleaning processes, integration, selection, and transformation of data in a pre-processing stage, for further analysis and presentation through a graphical interface. The primary objective is to visualize the general behavior and evolution of cancer in Mexico in recent years using data science techniques.


Data science, cancer, data repository, transformation of data

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