gTravel: Weather-Aware POI Recommendation Engine for a Group of Tourists

Rajani Trivedi, Bibudhendu Pati, Subhendu Kumar Rath


Weather is a big factor in tourist decisions, andcertain places or events aren’t even recommendedduring dangerously bad weather. It is difficult to providea better recommendation to a group of tourists in thesecircumstances. We propose gTravel, a weather assistantframework that predicts weather in specified pointsof interest for a group of tourists. We demonstratehow prior knowledge of climatic patterns at a POI,as well as prior insights into how visitors rank theirdestinations in a variety of weather conditions, can helpimprove choice reliability. According to our findings, therecommendations are significantly more valid, and therecommended remedy is more comfortable.


POI, tourist, weather, recommendation, interest

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