Vol 17, No 2 (2013)

17(2) April-June 2013

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Alexander Gelbukh 109-111


Automatic Readability Classification of Crowd-Sourced Data based on Linguistic and Information-Theoretic Features PDF
Zahurul Islam, Alexander Mehler 113-123
Linguistically–driven Selection of Correct Arcs for Dependency Parsing PDF
Felice Dell’Orletta, Giulia Venturi, Simonetta Montemagni 125-136
Anaphora Resolution for Bengali: An Experiment with Domain Adaptation PDF
Utpal Kumar Sikdar, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha, Olga Uryupina, Massimo Poesio 137-146
Inference and Reconciliation in a Crowdsourced Lexical-Semantic Network PDF
Manel Zarrouk, Mathieu Lafourcade, Alain Joubert 147-159
Generation of Bilingual Dictionaries using Structural Properties PDF
Ajay Dubey, Vasudeva Varma 161-168
Optimizing Selection of Assessment Solutions for Completing Information Extraction Results PDF
Christina Feilmayr 169-178
Single-Document Keyphrase Extraction for Multi-Document Keyphrase Extraction PDF
Gábor Berend, Richárd Farkas 179-186
A Knowledge-Base Oriented Approach for Automatic Keyword Extraction PDF
Ludovic Jean-Louis, Michel Gagnon, Eric Charton 187-196
Extracting Phrases Describing Problems with Products and Services from Twitter Messages PDF
Narendra K. Gupta 197-206
A Supervised Approach for Reconstructing Thread Structure in Comments on Blogs and Online News Agencies PDF
Ali Balali, Hesham Faili, Masoud Asadpour, Mostafa Dehghani 207-217
Using Stylistic Features for Social Power Modeling PDF
Rachel Cotterill 219-227
Detecting Salient Events in Large Corpora by a Combination of NLP and Data Mining Techniques PDF
Delphine Battistelli, Thierry Charnois, Jean Luc Minel, Charles Teissèdre 229-237
Graph Mining under Linguistic Constraints for Exploring Large Texts PDF
Solen Quiniou, Peggy Cellier, Thierry Charnois, Dominique Legallois 239-250
Corpus-based Sentence Deletion and Split Decisions for Spanish Text Simplification PDF
Sanja Štajner, Biljana Drndarevic, Horacio Saggion 251-262
Classifying Case Relations using Syntactic, Semantic and Contextual Features PDF (Spanish)
José A. Reyes, Azucena Montes, Juan G. González, David E. Pinto 263-272

ISSN: 2007-9737