Vol 21, No 3 (2017)

Thematic issue: Advances in Logic-based Methods for Intelligent Systems (J. C. Nieves, E. Hermann Haeusler, B. Lopes)

Table of Contents

Editorial PDF
Juan Carlos Nieves, Edward Hermann Haeusler, Bruno Lopes

Articles of the Thematic Issue

Action Models with Postconditions PDF
Mario Benevides, Isaque Macalam Saab Lima
Branching Path Planning with Modal Logics PDF
Everardo Barcenas, Edgard Benitez-Guerrero, Antonio Benitez, Jorge de la Calleja, Ma. Auxilio Medina
Implementing Δps (PS-Merge) Belief Merging Operator for Belief Revision PDF
Oscar Chávez-Bosquez, Pilar Pozos-Parra, Jianbing Ma
Model-based Algorithm for Belief Revisions between Normal Conjunctive Forms PDF (Spanish)
Guillermo De Ita, Fernando Zacarias Flores, Alma Delia García García
Low-exponential Algorithm for Counting the Number of Edge Cover on Simple Graphs PDF
Jose Antonio Hernandez-Servin, J. Raymundo Marcial-Romero, Guillermo de Ita
0-1 Integer Programming for Computing Semi-Stable Semantics of Argumentation Frameworks PDF
Mauricio Osorio, Juan Díaz, Alejandro Santoyo


Numerical Investigation of the Droplet Behavior in Cascades Using a Finite Volume Method PDF
Aldo Rueda, Miguel Toledo, Fernando Rueda, Rene Rangel
Trajectory Tracking of Complex Dynamical Network for Chaos Synchronization Using Recurrent Neural Networks PDF
Jose P. Perez, Joel Perez Padron, Angel Flores H., Martha S. Lopez de la Fuente
Performance Analysis of Simulated Annealing Cooling Schedules in the Context of Dense Image Matching PDF
Walid Mahdi, Seyyid Ahmed Medjahed, Mohammed Ouali
Model for Automatic Generation of Search-Based Early Tests PDF (Spanish)
Martha Dunia Delgado Dapena, Arloy Macías Rojas, Danay Larrosa Uribazo, Sandra Verona Marcos, Perla Beatríz Fernández Oliva
Segmentation Algorithm Applied to Seismic Images for Obtaining Potentially Hidden Geobodies PDF
Raymundo Domínguez-Colín, Manuel Romero-Salcedo, Luis Germán Velasquillo-Martínez
Customer Relationship Management Systemic Model in Hotelier Sector: Are the Hotel Companies Gaining Benefits with Practices Oriented to the Relationship with the Clients? PDF
Sandra Dinora Orantes Jiménez, Graciela Vázquez Álvarez, Ricardo Tejeida Padilla
Automatic Classification of Traced Neurons Using Morphological Features PDF
José Daniel López-Cabrera, Juan Valentin Lorenzo-Ginori
Semantic-based Reconstruction of User’s Interests in Distributed Systems PDF
Corinne Amel Zayani, Leila Ghorbel, Ikram Amous, Manel Mezghani, André Péninou, Florence Sèdes

ISSN: 2007-9737