Laws Governing in Mexico for Computer Programs, Data Bases and Documentation

María del Consuelo Argüelles Arellano, Claudia Ávila Méndez


Mexican customs and practices often influence the rules we must apply in our professional activities, but quite often those customs and practices are far from reality or Mexico laws. The professional life of a developer of computer programs (software), data and information bases has many challenges to overcome, one of which is to remain within the ethics of "ought" and to apply the principle "respect for the law." Tackling the issue of law, one of its basic tenets is "ignorance of the law does not exempt you from it." This means that we need to know the federal laws related to computer professionals. In this article we discuss the Federal Copyright Law, the Federal Law of Industrial Property and the Federal Criminal Code relating to the technology boom we are experiencing as well as to licensing and patents.


Copyright; intellectual property; licensing; software; patent

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