Compact Union of Disjoint Boxes: An Efficient Decomposition Model for Binary Volumes

Irving Cruz-Matías, Dolors Ayala


This paper presents in detail the CompactUnion of Disjoint Boxes (CUDB), a decomposition modelfor binary volumes that has been recently but brieflyintroduced. This model is an improved version of aprevious model called Ordered Union of Disjoint Boxes(OUDB). We show here, several desirable features thatthis model has versus OUDB, such as less unitary basicelements (boxes) and thus, a better efficiency in someneighborhood operations. We present algorithms forconversion to and from other models, and for basiccomputations as area (2D) or volume (3D). We alsopresent an efficient algorithm for connected-componentlabeling (CCL) that does not follow the classical two-passstrategy. Finally we present an algorithm for collision (oradjacency) detection in static environments. We test theefficiency of CUDB versus existing models with severaldatasets.


Binary volumes, orthogonal polyhedra, connected-component labeling, collision detection

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