Identification of the Workspace of a Hexapod Mobile Robot Using Multobjective Optimization

Josué Domínguez Guerrero, Roberto Sepúlveda, Oscar Montiel, Oscar Castillo


In this paper, an innovative method to findthe workspace of a hexapod mobile robot is presented.Differently, to the current state of the art methods thatallows to determine the working spaces for walking instraight line, the proposed method allows estimatingthe optimal set of configurations for walking in anyviable direction. The method takes advantage of theexisting similitudes between the hexapod and theDelta robot during the tripod walk; however, thereare some movement restrictions between them, whichwere conveniently solved by handling them as amultiobjective optimization problem. Particularly, theMOEA/D algorithm was used to solve the problem.


Hexapod robot, multobjective optimization, delta robot, evolutionary algorithms, gait.

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