Fractal Analysis for Classification of Electrical Testing of Polymer High Voltage Insulators

Isaias Ramírez Vázquez, Jose Ruiz Pinales, J. Eduardo Salgado Talavera


Silicone insulating rubber is an elastomer widely used in industry, especially in the manufacturing of insulators for power lines. This material ages or degrades due to pollution and environmental factors such as UV, rain, and temperature. In order to evaluate its resistance to tracking and erosion, international standards like IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) include testing for insulating materials such as the inclined plane test (IPT) or tracking wheel test. However, the results from these tests are sometimes subjective and inconclusive. Thus, objective ways of evaluating insulating materials are needed. In this paper Fractal Analysis is used to classify the results of electrical testing in sheds proceeding of commercial high voltage insulators through the inclined plane test. The results show that Fractal Analysis constitutes a more objective way to classify the electrical strength of high voltage insulators.


Fractal analysis, fractal dimension, high voltage insulator, shed, inclined plane test, binary image

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