Corref-PT: A Semi-Automatic Annotated Portuguese Coreference Corpus

Renata Vieira, Amália Mendes, Paulo Quaresma, Evandro Fonseca, Sandra Collovini, Sandra Antunes


This paper describes the Portuguese coreference corpus Corref-PT, annotated semi-automatically using the coreference annotation tool CORP, and manually revised with the editing tool Corref Visual. It includes a total of 182 texts, mostly news (corpus CSTNews, corpus LE-PAROLE, FAPESP magazine) but also articles from Wikipedia. The result is a corpus that includes a total of 3898 reference chains. We present the coreference annotation tool CORP, which was built on the basis of deterministic rules, and the editor Corref Visual used for manual revision. We reporton the annotation agreement and on the feedback provided by the annotators regarding the editor andthe complexity of the task. Examples of technical and linguistic issues encountered during the annotation are given and the pros and cons of such approach for corpus construction are discussed. Our motivation was to use of a semi-automatic approach to increase the set of available resources for coreference resolution applications for Portuguese.


Coreference corpus, Portuguese language

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