Finite Element Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Cutting Forces in Orthogonal Turning in AISI-1045 Steel

Marco Antonio Prieto Juárez, Eduardo Aguilera Gómez, Héctor Plascencia Mora, Elías Ledesma Orozco, Juan Francisco Reveles Arredondo, Martha Libia Campos Silva


In this paper, a methodology to simulate the orthogonal metal turning and cutting forces using finite element method is presented. To validate the numerical results obtained from the model, experimental turning tests were performed on AISI-1045 steel, a dynamometer and an acquisition software were used to obtain experimental cutting forces. These forces were used to calculate the global friction coefficient, then, finite element method simulation of cutting metal process was done, using the Johnson-Cook material model and APDL code in a FEM software. Components of the cutting force were analyzed in the experiment tests and simulations for three carbide tools obtaining good correlation between them.


Orthogonal cutting FEM simulation, Johnson-Cook material model, cutting forces

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