Basic Emergence of Nonlinearities and its Effect on Supercontinuum Generation in Air-Silica Photonic Nanowires

Nestór Lozano Cristósomo, Julio C. García Melgarejo, José E. Rocha Medina, Jesús I. Espinoza Blanco, Daniel A. May Arrioja, J. Javier Sánchez Mondragón


We derive a new comprehensive evolution equation to describe the nonlinear propagation of high power optical pulses through photonic nanowires. Our basic formulation part from the vectorial form of Maxwell’s equations and take into account the effect of the complete strong dispersion implicit in the propagation constant of the propagating mode inside the spectral body of the optical pulses. Applying our new nonlinear propagation equation in air-silica photonic nanowires, we show evidence of additional effects that perturb the supercontinuum, reducing its extreme long-waveleng thedge and making it narrower.


Supercontinuum generation, photonic nanowires, nonlinear pulse propagation equation

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