Detection of Ethanol Concentration using a Generic Optical Sensor Platform

Abraham Vázquez Guardado, J. Alfredo Ramirez Flores, Gisela Lopez-Galmiche, J. Jesús Escobedo Alatorre, José Javier Sánchez-Mondragón


In this work we introduce a novel and viable model for the measurement of ethanol concentration in water. The concept relies on the optical high spectral sensitivity of plasmonic devices. The ethanol in water mixture shows a linear ratio with the refractive index and the concentration percentage on a selected range of 0 to 45%. The proposed model is based on the refractive index linear relationships of the ethanol concentration and the plasmonic resonance wavelength. Therefore enabling the indirect measurement of the ethanol concentration through the plasmonic resonance wavelength.


Ethanol sensing, refractometric sensors, optical sensors, spectroscopy

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