Efficiency of Phase Unwrapping and Image Filtering Algorithms Implemented in a Fpga Applied on Holographic Interferometry

Víctor Manuel Juárez Núñez, Darwin Mayorga Cruz, Álvaro Zamudio Lara, J. Jesús Escobedo Alatorre


The evaluation of efficiency of algorithms implemented in a FPGA, which are applied on phase unwrapping and image filtering for holographic interferometry performing, is here presented. A phase unwrapping linear algorithm was used in holograms obtained by holographic interferometry using the phase-shifting method; Fourier Transform and Bilateral filtering processes were also applied on 1024x1024 holographic images. Phase unwrapping operations combined with Bilateral image filtering implemented in the FPGA were 19 times faster than using an ARM processor, and 12 times faster when Fourier image filtering is used instead. Hardware capacities of FPGA as combined with high-level programming can be an alternative to improve heavy computing processes like those involved in digital holographic microscopy, for example.


FPGA circuits, noise filtering, phase unwrapping, phase-shifting holography

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