Graphic User Interface for Modeling States of Polarization in Fiber Optics

C. M. Carrillo-Delgado, J. D. Filoteo Razo, J. M. Sierra Hernandez, J. C. Hernandez Garcia, D. Jauregui Vazquez, Y. Lopez Dieguez, J. M. Estudillo Ayala, L. A. Herrera-Piad, R. Rojas-Laguna


In this paper a design of a graphical user interface (GUI), to observe polarization states changes on a standard single-mode optical fiber (SMF-28) that has been twisted, is presented. Here, we modify two different groups of parameters: 1) the input polarizationellipticity injected to an optical fiber; this is, the tilt or the angle of propagation and the intensity on each electric field or the shift phase; the other group is 2) the birefringence fiber values, mainly induced by mechanicalefforts, since its fabrication either by pinching, bending or in general by manipulating it; obtaining simulated results that describes the output polarized light at the end of the fiber. The results are depicted on the Poncairé Sphere and Stokes parameters graphics. Moreover, the GUI was developed in Visual-Basic, used for the interface windows, and it was connected to Matlab, used like mathematic engine.


Birefringence, states of polarization, fiber optics, simulation

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