Modelado con COMSOL Multiphysics: Distribución de temperatura de nano partículas de Fe3O4 para terapia oncológica

Rosario Lissiet Romero Coripuna, Teodoro Cordova Fraga, Gustavo Basurto Islas, Rafael Guzmán Cabrera


Human cells with cancer undergo physiological changes at temperatures of 42 °C to 45 °C thereby causing cell death by apoptosis. The methods for achieving these temperatures have already been investigated because of their biomedical application. Magnetic Hyperthermia is an alternative oncology therapy, nevertheless, the temperature distribution in transformed tissue remains unclear at all and its determination in an optimal temperature segment from 42 oC to 45 oC is demanding an answer. COMSOL multiphysics 5.2 is an excellent alternative for giving the answer to the previous question. In this work was made a temperature simulation from several quantities of the nanoparticle. Preliminary results suggest that the temperature gradient drops dramatically as the number of nanoparticles decrease, so that the optimal temperature and nanoparticles number are sought to address efficiently the volume of transformed fabric of interest. As first conclusion, the above was achieved by obtaining the number of particles to be used and an effective separation distance.


Cancer, temperature gradient, hyperthermia, COMSOL, nanoparticles

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