Processing of MRI Images Weighted in TOF for Blood Vessels Analysis: 3-D Reconstruction

José Hernández Delgado, Ivan Cruz Aceves, Teodoro Cordova Fraga, Modesto Sosa Aquino, Rafael Guzman Cabrera


In this work a novel approach based on differences of intensities is presented for vascular structures identification in MRI studies such as  the time of flight method (TOF). The plating method states that given the high intensities belonging to the vascular system, TOF images can be segmented by thresholding of the histogram. The enhancement of vascular structures is performed by applying a Vesselness filter, and upon completion of a decision based on fuzzy thresholding the error is minimized in the selection of vascular structures. A brief introduction to  vascular system problems and how images have helped diagnosis is summarized as well as the  history of the different imaging modalities and the evolution of digital images with computers. Segmentation and 3-D reconstruction became image type time of flight; these images are typically used in medical diagnosis of cerebrovascular diseases. The proposed method has less error in segmentation and reconstruction of volumes related to the vascular system, represented in clearer images and less noise compared to edge detection methods.


Medical images, Vesselness filter, fuzzy logic

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