Online Training for Franchises through a Learning Management System

Blanca Cecilia López Ramírez, Alfonso Martínez Cruz, Lizeth Flores Quevedo


It is well known that, for every company, the resource time is a factor of impact on its productivity. At present, the technical support area has taken a relevant place in companies, this is caused by the demand for learning and recovery of activities of employees, a client or managers. The training of a new staff in a company implies investment of the time of one or more people to know various processes and procedures, therefore, it is very important to support training courses in Learning Management Systems (LMS for their acronym in English), which are increasingly demanding due to their availability of resources, flexibility of topics and compliance with a required scope. The work shows the reciprocal influence between two development methodologies of a training course within an e-learning system for residents in the area of ​​technical support, using tools to create didactic content, embedded code, the results determine that the good use of This material has allowed staff to involve less or no amount of time to train a new employee. The success of the tool has challenged the development of training for other areas.


e-learning, coaching, learning management

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