Inferring Knowledge from Textual Data by Natural Deduction

Marie Duží, Marek Menšík


In this paper, we introduce the system for inferring implicit computable knowledge from textual data by natural deduction. Our background system is Transparent Intensional Logic (TIL) with its procedural semantics that assigns abstract procedures known as TIL constructions to terms of natural language as their context-invariant meanings. The input data for our method are produced by the so-called Normal Translation Algorithm (NTA). The algorithm processes natural-language texts and produces TIL constructions. In this way we have obtained a large corpus of TIL meaning procedures. These procedures are furthermore processed by our algorithms for type checking and context recognition so that the rules of natural deduction for inferring computable knowledge can be afterwards applied.


Natural deduction, inference rules, Transparent Intensional Logic, TIL, B-conversion

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