Proposal for a Forensic Action Guide for Internet of Things (IoT) Environments

Herminia Beatriz Parra de Gallo


Internet of Things (IoT) is considered the communication environment of the future, in which technological components of any kind are connected to share data, making possible the process and control of functionalities through an integrated framework available for the user. This context, with many advantages for improving the quality of life of people, with a wide impact on the economy, health and industry, is also available to those who search new ways of chime using the Internet. And it is from this perspective that the IoT environment is approached, to study and propose an action guide that allows an adequate and sufficient forensic analysis when it must search digital evidence in this context. The work includes the review of a set of methodologies for forensic analysis in general –and IoT in particular- from which a Forensic Action Guide for IoT Environments (GAFIoT) derives.


Digital forensic, internet of things, IoT

Full Text: PDF (Spanish)