Cybersecurity and Internet of Things. Outlook for this decade

Jairo Eduardo Márquez Díaz


The Internet of Things is one of the technologies with the greatest incursion and expansion in the services market, making it attractive to cyberattacks due to its various vulnerabilities, both in its protocols and in its implementation. This brings with its aspects that the industry and users must take into account to minimize the risk of suffering various types of attacks, compromising sensitive information in the process. In this sense, a study on the advantages and disadvantages of the IoT is shown, focusing on the protection of information based on its present flaws, which will eventually have to be taken into account for future developments that involve data management and administration through devices. smart. The methodology used is based on theoretical and quasi-experimental research represented in the skills and experience in ethical hacking applied to the corporate environment. In this way, the most representative flaws in terms of cybersecurity related to the IoT are exposed, so that they are attended by companies and personnel responsible for their security.


Advanced persistent threats, botnet, cyberattacks, distributed denial of services, ransomware

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