Mathematical Modeling for Corner Strap Combined Footings Resting on the Ground: Part 1

Arnulfo Luévanos Rojas, María Azucena Moreno Hernandez, Sandra López Chavarría, Manuel Medina Elizondo


This research work shows a mathematical model for corner strap combined footings supported on the ground to obtain the minimum surface in plan that supports a concentrated load and two orthogonal moments in each column. The work considers a pressure diagram that varies linearly. The traditional model considers a uniform pressure of the soil on the three footings (one corner and two edge) and applying the three equations of static equilibrium (ΣF, ΣMx and ΣMy) the solution for the reactions of the three footings is obtained, the pressure is considered uniform because the soil reaction is applied in the center of each footing. Four numerical examples are shown for corner strap combined footings, and each example presents three different cases. This model is more general because it can be applied to corner combined footings, simply considering the widths in the X direction of the footings 1 and 3 equal, and the widths in the Y direction of the footings 1 and 2 equal.


Mathematical modeling, corner strap combined footings, minimum surface, optimum area

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